Google Crisis Response and Google Person Finder

As big internet company service Google has various services and the new one is Google Crisis Response. Google Crisis Response is designed to provided a wide range of news, information, and other helpful online tools in the wake of a disaster. Google Crisis Response seeks to make critical information more accessible around natural disasters and humanitarian crises then inform it to users.

Google Crisis Response offers

  • Organizing emergency alerts, news updates and donation opportunities, and making this information visible through our web properties
  • Building engineering tools that enable better communication and collaboration among crisis responders and among victims such as Person Finder and Resource Finder
  • Providing updated satellite imagery and maps of affected areas to illustrate infrastructure damage and help relief organizations navigate disaster zones
  • Supporting the rebuilding of network infrastructure where it has been damaged to enable access to the Internet
  • Donating to charitable organizations that are providing direct relief on-the-ground

Google Crisis has interesting feature which is Google Person Finder. With Google Person Finder you can find people who have been impacted by a crisis. For people, they can report about them self to Google so people know about them.

Google Person Finder

It simple and easy to be used. Choose “I’m looking for someone” if you want to find your friend or family. Type your friend’s or family’s name then hit “Search for this person” Google will inform you about according to your search. You can also choose “I have information about someone” if you know information about the people in crisis or you’re in the place when crisis is happened.

Remember Google does not review or verify the accuracy of this data.

You can check all crisis that has been report by Google here

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