Google Chrome 9

Google has been released Google Chrome 9 Final version with some new feature. WebGL the upcoming web 3D graphics standard is now built in and enabled by default. WebGL is a new web technology that brings hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to the browser without installing additional software. Google Chrome 9 also offers Chrome Instant, the browser implementation of the Google Chrome concept.

With Chrome Instant, websites start loading as soon as you start typing the URL in the address bar. The concept is like Google Instant, but instead of search results the browser is actually loading websites as you type. Depending upon the search engine you have selected in Chrome, you will see search results as you type as well.

Google Chrome 9

Google Chrome also include Chrome Store that is open to all Chrome users in the United States. The Chrome Web Store add on the New Tab page, along with two sample apps. (If you don’t use these sample apps, they will automatically disappear after some time).

Google Chrome 9 is still offers simple and minimalistic design and fast start up and loading website.

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