Get Twitter Follower Free from Twiends

Today twitter has become most popular social networking beside facebook. Twitter has many members and still growing up day by day. Most of twitter member like to follow or be followed by another twitter member. There are many reason why users want to have many followers. They have bussiness and want to promote their bussiness to public, they want public always get update information about their product or they just want to be famous on internet.

One of many services that offer how to get twitter follower is Twiends.


It’s simple, you just need to register with Twiends. Enter your twitter account (username and password) and give access to Twiends application. You can test with another twitter account if you think this application will hack your twitter account.

You will have some credits in order you can get more follower by free. You will not have new follower if you don’t have credits. You can add more credit from many ways

  • Refer People and get 25 credits each people you refer
  • Sign up Newsletter and get 100 credits
  • Use Voucher, sometimes you will get voucher when you subscribe newsletter. Use the voucher to get free credits
  • Follow Users and you will get variuos credits
  • Buying Credit if you want to spend some money

OK let’s start to get more twitter follower by free from Twiends.

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