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You must send proposal in pdf format to your client but your file is still in doc format. You don’t have pdf conversion tools on the computer that you use. Don’t panic. You just need internet connection then open your favorite browser and browse free file conversion website.

Yes these websites offer free to convert your files. It means you can use anytime you want to convert your files.

logo_cometdocsConvert your files with easy steps. Choose your files, select conversion format and rename your files, enter your email, then send. Your converted file will be sent to your email. It’s free to use this service. You can also sign up their service by free. Vt signing up you will also be able to retrieve your converted file directly from the file manager and store the files there for use at a later stage. You will also not have to provide an email address each time that you perform a conversion.

Convert Neevia
This service is come from Neevia Technology Inc and definite to pdf and image only. Maximum file size is 1 MB. You can choose delivery method for your converted file. You can download from Convert Neevia website or receive on your email address. With this service you can auto rotate and set file resolution.

Free File Convert
Convert you files in just three steps. Choose your files, choose your conversion format, and then convert it. Maximum file size is 20 MB. There isn’t so much file conversion format that you can choose but it’s enough if you just want to convert file into popular file format.

Media Convert
mcMedia Conver has many files conversion format. You don’t need to register to convert your files. Just upload your file and the website will detect your file type and offer convertion format according to your file type. For example if your file type is bmp, Media Convert will offer to convert to image format. You can also rename the result and enter your email if you want receive notification in your email. The maximum file size is 200 MB

convertFiles-logoYouConvertIt can speed your time to convert files because it can convert up to 5 files. It can convert any media file format (documents, images, audio, video & archives). The converted files will be sending to your email. In this web, you can also convert online video and download the result.

zamzar-logoThe interface is clean, simple, and easy to be understood. You just need to follow the step on the web to convert files. Maximum file size is 100 MB. But you can convert file that have size more then 100 MB by signup to their service and spend some money. Don’t forget to type your email address because your result will be sent into your email address.

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