First Look at Firefox 5 Plan

Mozilla are still working to fix any bug on Firefox 4 Beta before they plan to release Firefox 4 Release Candidat on February 25 and target to launch final version for sometime in March. But this situation don’t stop Mozilla to begin develop Firefox 5, which is scheduled to be released by the end of the first half of this year. Firefox 5 may get dramatic UI modifications that reach beyond a simple ‘chromification’. According to the UI team notes, the browser interface is planned to be more responsive, there will be an updated URL bar and there will be substantial changes to the appearance and use of tabs.

Firefox 5 plan come with new feature call site-specific browser. It’s something like get drop down menu of navigation site on tab bar. For example if you open Twitter or Facebook, you would get drop-down menus with dedicated tabs. The tab would lead to the site’s top level menu, while links in a drop-down menu would allow users to quickly jump to that site’s most common functionality.

Firefox 5 Site-Specific Browser

This feature will help user to access any navigation on the site quicky without open the site and find the navigation menu. But how if the site has un structure or poor navigation?

Firefox 5 Search

Mozilla’s showing off some other possible ideas for Firefox 5 and beyond, including a plan to change the search bar to use colors instead of the default favicons and blockins automatically installed add-ons, as well as promoting Firefox’s new Firefox Sync functionality in the about:blank page.

Some pictute about Firefox 5 plan

Promotion of Firefox Sync

Add-on Selection:

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