Firefox 8 – What’s New on the Browser

Mozilla has been released Firefox 8 in this end of this year. It is Mozilla”s fifth major release in 2011. After releasing Firefox 4 in March, Mozilla adopted a rapid release schedule similar to what Google employs with its Chrome browser. Probably this is the last version of Firefox in this year. What is the news feature on Firefox 8?

There is no big change on the interface compare with its predecessors. The one visual change is the addition of Twitter as an option in the search locales dropdown box. Users can now search Twitter from the Firefox search bar like they search using Google, Bing, Amazon or eBay. Firefox 8 also has better WebGL support. You can experience the new 3D rendering options by enabling Google MapsGL in Firefox.

Firefox’s add-on installation and management also change on its procedure. After installation, Firefox 8 presents users with a list of all the add-ons currently installed. Add-ons that were installed by third-party applications are disabled by default. If any third party application attempts to install a new extension, Firefox will seek the user’s permission before allowing the extension to be installed.

Firefox 8

Firefox has new option to load tabs only when they are activated, while restoring windows and tabs from the previous session. This option should reduce the start-up times for Firefox 8. It can be disabled by default and needs to be enabled from Options –> General. Remember on When Firefox Start choose Show my windows and tabs from last time

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