Firefox 4, Next Generation

Beside Firefox 3.6 final version and 3.7 alpha version, Mozilla will develop next generation of Firefox. That is Firefox 4 which will offer fast, powerful, and empowering browser. Mozilla’s Mike Beltzner shared a presentation that reveals quite detailed plans for Firefox 4 to the Mozilla community HTML5 and CSS support are among the new features, as well as faster operation, a greater focus on security and stability, new developer tools and a lot of personalization options.

You can check presentation at Mike Beltzner’s blog post. You can also check this on Mozilla’s blog

Mike Beltzner said that the primary goals for Firefox 4:

  • Fast: making Firefox super-duper fast
  • Powerful: enabling new open, standard Web technologies (HTML5 and beyond!),
  • Empowering: putting users in full control of their browser, data, and Web experience.

Some new feature of Firefox 4:

  1. Less icon or minimal browser interface like on Google Chrome web browser.
  2. Fast on Loading program. This is the major problem from Firefox 1.xx – 3.xx
  3. Better Dialog
  4. Change dialog from pop-up windows and drop down alerts to simple dialog bubbles that drop down from the URL bar.
  5. Update software in the background while Firefox running, just like in Google Chrome.

For your information as Mike Beltzner said, the concept can be changed before Firefox 4 is finalized.

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