Firefox 4 Beta, Faster but like Google Chrome and Opera 10.6

Firefox has launch Firefox 4 Beta version. It’s upgrade from Firefox 4 Alpha version. Firefox 4 based on the Gecko 2 with much more lighter and faster than Firefox 3.6 and it uses much less memory than the earlier versions. Like newer Safari 5 and Opera 10.60, Firefox 4 also has native support for HTML5 WebM videos too. It also comes with one single click bookmarks feature to add site or manage your bookmark.

Firefox 4

Below some interesting features you will find on Firefox 4 Beta.

Like Google Chrome and Opera 10.6

The menu bar is initially hidden but you can unhide it to go back to the older navigation found in Firefox 3.6 and below. Click View -> Toolbars -> Menu Bar to hide or unhide menu bar. When you unhide menu bar you will see Firefox icon on the right top just like on Opera 10.6 Firefox 4 put tab on the top like Google Chrome web browser do.

Firefox 4 is Like Google Chrome and Opera 10.6

Integrated Add-Ons Manager

Firefox 4 has new add-ons manager which integrates into the browser. When you access add-ons manager, it will be opened in new tab insted open in pop-up like on the previous version. It’s really useful for user like pop up interface when access add-ons manager. But this section is still coming soon; we hope it can be used on next release. Mozilla says that the add-ons manager UI will be changed before the final release. Unfortunately this method doesn’t apply on option manager. It still use pop up to access Option manager

Firefox 4 is Like Google Chrome and Opera 10.6

Swicth Tab
Firefox 4 also has a hidden gem in the smart location bar, which will allow you to switch to an open URL by typing in the URL or searching for the title of the page. It’s very useful if you have several open tabs and want to switch to it quickly without navigating through all the tabs.

Firefox Swicth Tab

One Click to Give Feedback
Firefox 4 want to hear your opinion about the product. They put an one click feedback access if you want to give feedback to Firefox. Your feedback is essential to make the product perfect on final version or next release. When click the icon you can give opinion that Firefox can make you happy or sad or participate survey.

I believe there are many new features or improvement that will be added on next release of Firefox 4.

If you have some experience using Firefox 4 Beta, then please share with us using comment below.

Click here to download Firefox 4 Beta

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