Firefox 4 Beta 12 Has Been Released

Finally Mozilla has been release Firefox 4 beta 12 as the latest version of Firefox 4 beta. After this we can see for Firefox 4 RC and then Firefox 4 Final Version. There are several improvent in the version of web browser. You can find the list on Firefox 4 Beta release note

Some of improvement in Firefox 4 Beta 12:

  • Increased performance while viewing Flash content
  • Improved plugin compatibility with hardware acceleration enabled
  • Hovering over links now displays the URL at the bottom of the window rather than in the location bar
  • General stability, performance, and compatibility improvements

Link hover information have been moved back down just above the Firefox add-on bar. This is almost exactly like Google Chrome and other browsers display those information. Users who access multimedia contents will also get benefit from performance and stability gains in the latest beta version.

Mozilla plan to release Firefox 4 Release Candidate (RC) in the beginning of March. Of course with more bugfixs on the next release.

Download Firefox 4 Beta 12

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