Firefox 3.7 Alpha Released

Mozilla has release Firefox 3.7 alpha 3 based on Gecko 1.9.3. The new release introduces several new features including an experimental Direct 2D for the Windows builds of Firefox, JavaScript api improvements, stability and security improvements as well as additional fixes for multi-process plugins. You can take a look at the release notes of the new Firefox development release for a complete overview of all changes that have been made in all Firefox 3.7 alpha versions

One of new feature from this release is Add-ons Manager. Add-ons Manager doesn’t open in a new dialog box but it opens in a new tab in the same browser window. It shows a better organized interface compared to the old one. The fonts size has been increased for better readability.

Firefox 3.7 Alpha Released

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Download Firefox 3.7 Alpha Released for Windows. Click here for another operating system (Linux or Mac)

You can also check release notes here

Remember it’s alpha version not final version. You should install the software for testing only. If you want to use Firefox as your default browser please use Firefox final version.

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