Faster Windows Startup Using Startup Delayer

Your computer get slow on startup after using for a while. It’s happened because there are many program that also launch when you turn your computer on like Google Updates, Real Media Player, Winamp, Antivirus program, etc. If you want to disable the program then you can go to the program and find option do not start when Windows runs. If you don’t find that option then you can go to computer system by type msconfig from Start -> Run. But this method is not recommended for end user. Another simple method is by using Startup Delayer program which will help you to decide which program that you want to disable on Windows startup.

Startup Delayer is free software allows you to optimize your startup process by delaying applications from starting up as soon as you log into your computer. Startup Delayer allows you to set a custom delay time for each application, granting priority to your important programs and delay the startup of others by a few seconds or minutes. You can also choose to disable some program that has automatic startup. Another option, you can use an interactive startup mode with options to skip startup programs as needed.

Startup Delayer

Users benefit the most if they have lots of applications in their autorun folders or if the computer is not the fastest. But you may not benefit if you have only one or two programs in your autorun folder. It may even slow down their start up a little bit considering that Startup Delayer is added to the system start as well.

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