Defrag Computer Easly with Defraggler

It usually take a long time to defrag your computer with Windows OS using Windows OS built in tools such is Disk Defragmenter. It happens because you must defrag disk drive and can’t defrag for a folder only. Fortunately there is a software that will help you to defrag faster. The program is Defraggler which you can get it by free

Defraggler is hard disk defragmentation software to organize clusters of information on your hard drive, so that your programs and files can be read from and accessed at a faster rate. Defraggke can defrag specific folders or files, as opposed to forcing you to sit back for a few hours while the program scours through your entire hard drive. It means you can defrag faster then using convesional tools.


Defraggler has analize feature like on Disk Defragmenter, defrag and quick defrag which allow you to degrad quickly. You can also make Defraggler works in background or shutdown computer after finish defrag.

Download Defraggler

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