Create Good Content or Promote

Which one is important create good and valuable content for your site or promote your site in right place? Some people maybe say that your just looking for article from article engine and submit into your blog and pay more attention on promote. Some of them will suggest you create more valuable content then promote.

All the two things is important. You can’t just create valuable content without doing promotion. How you can get more visitor if your people doesn’t know your site.

Maybe you want to say from search engine. But almost people do not go more then three page on search engine. How if your site located on page 15?

How you can get loyal visitor if you just pay attention on promotion and ignore posting good content.

Maybe you want to say that you’ve number one position on search engine. But how people can be your loyal visitor if they don’t like with your posting. Or they think that you just copy paste from another article.

So if you want success on developing website, create good content and also don’t forget to promote your website.

Remember this advice is just for you who has develop site which should provide content like blog, article site, etc

If you run forum site, you need to encourage your member to create good posting or thread.

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