ClearLock – Lock Windows and See Your Work

Windows has offer lock function to lock your Windows. This feature is really helpful for user who want to leave their computer but do not want any body use they computer and they don’t want to shutdown the computer. Windows keylock is helpful but it will lock computer and also screen so people can’t see what program open on the computer. It’s an advantage if you don’t want people see what you are doing but disadvantage if you want to see what your computer doing. For example download progress or installation progress.. To solve the problem you can try to use ClearLock program.

ClearLock is a transparent screen locker aimed to make the computer tech/system admin’s live easier by providing a way to disable input to a computer while still allowing you to see what is going on. This tiny application will lock up the machine by adding a transparent layer so that users can continue to see the activities on the screen but disable any input or activities to the machine unless a proper password is entered.


This program available in standalone application. It means you don’t need to install the software, just click the software to run. At first time running, you need to enter password to protect your computer. Next time you just need to click the software and your computer will automatic locked.

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