Clean up Your Computer from Unnecessary Files Using CCleaner

When you are using computer for a long time, you will find a lot of garbage files on your computer. I said garbage files because the files are not important for your Windows system and sometimes can make your computer running slow. It’s better if you delete garbage files periodically and save your free disk drive capacity.

You can delete the files manually but this is not recommended way. Using manually way means you must know what type of files and where are the files located. If you are wrong to delete important files so welcome to nightmare.

The save way is using program that is designed to clean up your computer from garbage files. A useful freeware to clean up your computer is CCleaner.

CCleaner can be used to delete unnecessary files that come from your favorite browser like history, internet cache, download list, and saved form information. It can also delete unesasary files that create by Windows system for temporary like document list, temporary files, clipboard, etc.


CCleaner has easy to be understood interface. You just need to choose which file that you want to delete from Windows tab and Application tab then click “Run Cleaner”. Let CCleaner works for a while. After that you will get information how many MB or KB remove and detail of removes files.

The interesting feature from CCleaner are deleting custom folder and wipe free space. Delete custom folder means you can decide which folder you want to delete. Wipe free space is deleting files that has been deleted from recycle been. For your information when you delete files from recycle bin, the files still exist on your computer. But you can’t see them and you need additional software to restore again.

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