Which one do you choose Drupal or WordPress?

Determine the choice of using Drupal or WordPress is not an easy matter. Each has advantages over the other. The easiest way to choose which one to use depends on what site we will make and how we like it to use. It will be dificult and not comfortable when you choose to use wordpress […]

Send Large Files using Gmail with ForgetBox

Sometimes you need to send many files or large files from your Gmail account. Rather than doing it manually via email attach facility in Gmail, now you can do it easier using ForgetBox application. ForgetBox is a Gmail tool to send large or many files through Gmail as attachments.

Frtr.mr: Record and Post Video to Twitter

Frtr.me is a free web online service to record videos and posting videos to Twitter. Frtr.me gives user the fastest and simple way to record and post videos to Twitter. You need to sign in to the Twitter account before using this service. Frtr.me also allows you to review your recorded video before publishing it […]