Alternate Web Browser: Sleipnir 3

If you’re finding alternate web browser except popular web browser like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, or Safari then you can try Sleipnir 3 web browser. Sleipnir 3 is a web browser that offers rich full screen mode, speedy tab performance, and sync with all Sleipnir web browser. It’s light and fast.

With speedy tab performance feature, you can open many tabs as you want. Sleipnir 3 can handle hundreds tabs without make Sleipnir 3 hang. You can also organize your tabs into tabgroups. Tabs with the same domain name can be easily inserted into a new tab group


Sleipnir can be used on the PC, iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac as well. It is also possible to have your bookmarks synchronized automatically for free. It’s Opera for PC and Operamini for mobile.

Sleipnir also has Mouse gestures feature. With this feature, it is possible to perform many different functions by moving the mouse while holding down the right click button.

Basically, Sleipnir web browser is like any other popular web browser. But if you want try new web browser the you can install and try Sleipnir web browser.

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