9 Interested Features You Must Know about Opera 10

9 Interested Features You Must Know about Opera 10

Opera 10 is usually promoted as fastest browser in the earth. It offer Opera Turbo, a new compression technology that allows you to browse the web at broadband – like speeds even on slow internet connections. For some people, expecially opera lover it’s (Opera is fastest browser) true. But this is not the only interesting features that come with Opera 10. There are many interesting feature that you should try when you use Opera. Some interesting feature that maybe you can’t find on another browser.

Opera 10 comes with simple but full feature design like the older version. Almost all icon on Opera is usually used by people when they are using browser. You don’t need to click menu first to disable image when open website, change font size, or even open again close tab. You just need to click icon and set what you want to do.

Let’s explore about 9 interesting feature you must know or you should try on Opera 10

Opera Turbo

1. Address bar to Enter Address or Search, Paste and Go
Address bar is needed to enter url address when you want to open website. In Opera you can use this to search anything. Just type your query and enter. Default search engine will be used to search your query. If you want to set which search engine you want to use then use keyword and your keyword. For example if you want to search in google type g yourkeyword. You can check all keyword on Manage Search Engine. Click drop down icon on the Search Engine bar then choose Manage Search Engine

Another interesting menu on address bar is paste and go. When you copy url link or text then right click to paste, you will also find Paste and Go. It’s very useful because you don’t need to click enter if you want to access the url

2. Easy to Customize Web Interface
When opening website, you can decide to zoom, show image from real source, cache or no image with single click. You don’t need to click menu first to do that. Just click view icon on the right bottom of you Opera then customize the website interface.

3. Opera Link to Syncronize Your Data
Syncronize your bookmarks, speed dial, notes, and another data beetwen all your mobile phones and computers. It’s very useful when you are using Opera on many computers and you want to have same speed dial and bookmarks as on your home computer. All you need to syncronize is having Opera Link account.

Access from Tools > Synchronize Opera > Enable Synchronization or by clicking Opera Link icon on the bottom bar.

4. Opera Turbo for Fast Access
Opera Turbo is a new compression technology that allows you to browse faster even on slow internet connections. Once turned on, Opera Turbo instantly compresses pages, so less data needs to be transferred over the limited connection. Opera Turbo claims to give up to eight times faster Web surfing over slow connections than other browsers.

To active it simple, click Opera Turbo speed icon on the left bottom. You can active Opera Turbo when it detect slower connections and use usual connection (without compress) on high or middle connections

5. Opera Unite to Share your Content
Opera Unite allow you to share content with others without having to upload anything to a web site. You can stream music, show photo galleries, share files and folders, or even host your own web pages directly from your browser. You need to register to use this feature.

Access from Tools > Opera Unite > Enable Opera Unite or by clicking Opera Unite icon on the bottom bar.

6. Panel to Control Sidebar Content
Panel is group on some icons that is located on left sidebar. Panel is used to control your sidebar content. For example if you click Bookmarks icon on Panel, sidebar windows will open with bookmarks. If you click Download icon then sidebar will open with all download file and status on sidebar.

Access from View > Toolbars > Panels or by clicking Panels icon on the bottom bar or click F4 from your keyboard.

7. Private Browsing
Opera offer Private Browsing feature. When you active this feature you browser activity is private. When you close the tab, Opera deletes all information connected with it. You can open new private tab or new private windows without close exiting normal tab or window.

To active click Opera icon on left top or File menu > New Private Tab or New Private Window

8. Speed Dial to Access Your Favorite Website Quickly
Speed Dial is introduced by Opera to give you quick access to your favorite website when you open new tab. Except by clicking the thumbnail you can open you favorite website on speed dial by click Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+9. You can also customize speed dial interface with background or choose which layout do you like.

9. Trash Tab Icon
Sometimes you close a tab intuitively. Don’t worry you can call back the tab from Trach Tab, little icon on the left top Opera Browser. Click the icon and you will get list of close tab and also block pop up.

It’s my personal opinion about Opera. If you have another opinion or another interesting feature that you like with Opera 10, please share with us.

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