8 Thinks that I Like with Safari 4

In the beginning, Safari is the default browser on OS X. But some years ago Safari is also built for Windows. Apple claims that new Safari version (Safari 4) is faster than Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Safari 4 built in with the Nitro engine which allows the browser to display even more enhanced performance. Safari 4 can execute Javascript code faster (8 times faster than Internet Explorer 8 and 3 times faster than Firefox, according to the main performance tests).

Safari 4

I have used Safari 4 for several times and I think Apple don’t lie when they tell us about faster web browser. I use Safari 4 with slow internet connection (GPRS connection) and it can to load website faster then Firefox 3.5, Internet Explorer 8, or Opera 10(I don’t active Opera Turbo).

After using for several times I also found some things that I like with Safari 4.

Fast Loading Program and Load Website
Safari 4 is faster to load the program the Firefox. The Nitro engine also can execute Javascript code faster (8 times faster than Internet Explorer 8 and 3 times faster than Firefox, according to the main performance tests) You can feel the different with slow internet connection

Simple but Modern Interface
The interface can be compared with Google Chrome. It has simple interface but easy to be understood. All icons and links on the interface is commonly used by user when browsing site like adding to bookmark or open new tab.

Beautiful Start Page, Bookmarks, and History Preview
Unlike another browser that only show link on sidebar when you access bookmarks or history, Safary 4 also preview the link on bookmark or history with 3D style. It’s very nice interface. Safari also offers 3D style on start page interface.

Safari 4

Field Intelligent
Begin to type on address bar and you will get immediately intelligent suggestions. You will see the Top Hit and best matches from your browsing history and bookmarks collections displayed clearly in their own section. It also happens on search field function. If you are using Google as default search engine, except finding from matched history, Google will also suggest best search from your search query.

Private Browsing
You don’t want any body know what you’re doing on internet. Simply use Private Browsing. Your internet activity (search history, password, web history, download history) will not store on computer. You save to open website on public computer. To active it go menu icon on the top right > Private Browsing

Safari 4

Full Customize RSS
If a website have an RSS feed, Safari will notify you by displaying an icon RSS in the address bar. Click it and Safari automatically displays the feed (title and summary) in the browser window. You can customize the length of summaries displayed. It also provides commands for sorting and filtering items by date, title and source. You can also save the RSS feed bookmark in order to be able to come back. Safari notifies you when your feeds added bookmarks are updated with new items, so you can receive updates without having constantly updating the sites.

Viewing PDF
Safari is able to open PDF file directly on the browser, without resorting to a plug-in PDF. It allows you to zoom in a PDF file, save it or open a thumbnail directly from the browser

Inspect Element
This feature is useful for webmaster. You can see website code group by each html code. Check matrix to see size of width, padding, or margin. See content of each file that includes with the website like css, js, or image. Or learn about script that include with the website.

Safari 4

As notes, it’s just my personal experience and I don’t have affiliation with Apple. Although I wrote about this but until now I still use Firefox as my default browser. I know Firefox is slow on loading program and load website compare with Safari 4. Sometime I also use Safari 4 when using slow internet connection too. But I still love Firefox with ton of plug-in and I use Firefox since they launch to public.

Please share with us if you have any experience with Safari 4.

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