8 Gmail Tips to Save Your Times (Part 2)

On previous post I’ve posted 8 Gmail Tips to Save Your Times. Now I continue again with 8 another Gmail tips to Save Your Times. I believe there are still many tips about Gmail that will save you times. Please share if you know that.

8 Gmail Tips to Save Your Times (Part 2)

1. Save Your Time to Check Multiple Email Account
You could be having multiple Gmail accounts or any email account for various reasons. But it can difficult and spend more time to check all that email account. You need to logout and login to each account and check mails in different accounts. There is a simple solution so that you can save your time to do email

Use Forwarding Option
You can forward all gmail account into another gmail account

  1. For example you’ve 1@gmail.com as your primary email account and 2@gmail.com as secondary email.
  2. Login to 2@gmail.com, click on Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab
  3. Click on the radio button “Forward a copy of incoming mail to”, and enter 2@gmail.com in the text box.

Check using POP3
You can also check another email account using gmail, especially if they have POP3 feature.

  1. Login to you gmail account, click on Settings -> Accounts tab -> Add POP3 email account
  2. Follow the instruction

Setup Custom from Email Address
Gmail has feature to add new form email address. It’s like on email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc).

  1. Login to you gmail account, click on Settings -> Accounts tab -> Send Email Ast
  2. Add your email address and confirm that this is your email by following the instruction.
  3. Now you can start sending emails using your new email address.

2. Save Your Time with Google Calendar and Google Docs
Instead download your document attachment you can also preview and save using Google Docs. You can open the document again when you access your Gmail. Use Google Calendar to setup your appointment, task or to do list. You can also add reminder and people to your appointment and send notification to them.

To make access Docs and Calendar faster, add Docs and Calendar gadgets to your Gmail account and see everything in one place. The Calendar gadget shows your agenda and provides alerts prior to events, and the Docs gadget displays all your recently accessed docs. It’s more practice then open Calendar and Docs on separate tab or windows. Enable it in Google Labs

3. Save Your Time to Build Contact
Instead type new contact one by one, you can make it faster by import contact from CSV file. Google allow you to import contacts from Yahoo, Orkut and Outlook. Your CSV file should be formatted as a table and must include a header that defines the fields in your table. Gmail accepts many common header fields (firstname, lastname, email address, phone etc.)

How it work?

  • Click on Contacts -> Import tab, browser your CSV file that you want to import
  • Click on “Import”

4. Save Your Time to Create Notes
It’s not real notes. Basically you use draft feature to create notes. Write your notes on your email like your friend’s address and then save as draft. It’s more effective and effisien then using notepad or write on paper. You can also access this note everywhere while you are checking your gmail.

5. Save Your Time by Display in HTML for Low Connection
After login, Gmail is slowly for low internet connection. Google will warn you if your connection is slow. Don’t waste your time to wait email loading or re-loading again and again. Choose basic HTML view to display your email. Another way is by clicking “Standard HTML” on Gmail View on the bottom of your email account (footer)

6. Save Your Time by Access Gmail on Your Phone
You can access gmail from your phone. Type gmail address and gmail will detect if you’re using cellular. Then gmail will redirect to mobile interface. Another option is download using POP or IMAP using your mobile email client.

7. Save Your Time to Access Every Page on Your Gmail Quickly
Sometimes you need to open some messages when you login with gmail. It’s complicated when the message isn’t on front page. You can do quickly with Quick Links feature. Enable this feature in Gmail Labs. Click “Add Quick Link” to save a link to any page that you’re on. For example you could add a link to an email that contain attachment from your boss.

8. Save Your Time by Setting Gmail as Your Default Email Client
You can set your Gmail as your default email client in your browser. It’s mean when you click mailto link you will call gmail instead another email client.

Firefox 3

  • Tools -> Options -> Applications tab
  • Search for “mailto” and select “Use Gmail” from the list of actions

Internet Explorer

  • Download and install Google Toolbar.
  • In Toolbar, Click the wrench icon -> Search tab
  • Select the “Use Gmail for ‘Mail To’ links” checkbox

Please share if you know some tips that will save your times with gmail

One thought on “8 Gmail Tips to Save Your Times (Part 2)

  1. If you forward your email, remember to check the spam filter in the original email folder, at least every 30 days, even if you never log in other than that.. It will catch some genuine emails thinking they’re spam, especially if you don’t train it.

    I’ve been caught by this before.

    Makasih Pak.

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