8 Gmail Tips to Save Your Times (Part 1)

Gmail is powerful web email service that I’ve ever use. It offers huge storage that still counting so you don’t need to delete your email again. Gmail offers excellent anti spam that will automatically move spam from your inbox and label with Spam. You can label your email as you want. It’s like tagging. Gmail also integrated with Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Google Talks which can make your email activity more pleasure and effective.

8 Gmail Tips to Save Your Times (Part 1)

Below I share gmail tips that will save your time when working with gmail.

1. Save Your Time by Using Shortcut Keyboard
Do you know that you can open messages by typing “o” on your keyboard, reply by typing “r” or “c” to compose? It will save your time when working with gmail. Enable keyboard shortcuts in Settings and start to work on gmail with your keyboard. You can find the reference guide with a full list of keyboard shortcuts on Gmail shortcut page.

2. Save Your Time by Using Search Operators
You have thousands of emails on your inbox and you want to read email from Hardono that has PDF attachment. Instead check one by one on each page you can type on search form “from:hardono has:attachment”. Search Operators will help you to find your desired messages quickly. The format is easy to be remembered.

You can also find unread messages quickly by tipe “label:unread label:inbox” Check this to see full list of search operators

3. Save Your Time When Finding Unread Messages on Label
You have filtered some messages to archive and label them. Sometimes you want to read unread messages and it needs time to find unread messages if you have many label. You can do this with simple way. Create label named “Unread”, and you will see all of your unread mail in that label. Another method to display unread message is by searching: “label:unread” or “l:unread” or “l:^u” on searh form.

4. Save Your Time with Attachment
Sometimes you need to send attachment to your friend and it should spend more times them email without attachment.

Attach Multiple Files
Gmail allows you to attach more then one files from the same folder. Holds down the Ctrl key (Cmd on Macs) and click on each file you want to attach, or hold down the Shift key to select a continuous group of files. You will see progress bars on each file that you attach.

Attach an Executable (exe file)
You can still attach an executable file although gmail disallow that type. Rename the extention or packed the file but do not use .zip package. You can pack into .zip but after that rename the file extension like .txt. If you rename the file extension doesn’t forget to tell your friend about that in your email.

Never Forgot an Attachment
Sometimes you forgot to attach your file on previous email then you need to send email again. You can avoid this thing by enable “Forgotten Attachment Detector” features. By enable this you will get gmail attach alerter each time you send email.

5. Save Your Time When Sending Email without Body
You want to send a quick note to your friend where the subject is the entire message (Ex. We must meet at 10:45). But it’s annoying when Gmail prompt you to add body text. Simple solution is by typing “EOM” or “(EOM)” at the end of the subject line. EOM is short for End Of Message. Gmail will send the message without the extra prompt.

6. Save Your Time When Sending to Mass Email Addresses
You don’t need to add one by one email address when you want to send message to some people. You can make this job more simple

Create New Group Contact

  • Click on Contacts -> +icon (New Group) and give a name to the New group
  • Add new contact to this group or you can move the existing contact to this group.
  • When you want to send mails, in the To field of the compose box, type the group name. Then send your email as usual. It will send your message to all email address on the group contact

7. Save Your Time to Do Email Offline
You can work offline with your gmail account. It means you can access your mail and use Gmail just like you’re used to. Any messages you send while offline will be placed in your outbox and automatically sent the next time Gmail detects a connection. Enable it on Google Labs.

8. Save Your Time by Open in New Window
By default Gmail doesn’t offer open new window even though you right click your mouse. But you can still compose or reply in new windows. Just clik compose and Shift key. It will open in new window. It will save your time by composing or replying in new windows. You can open another message while you open compose message.

Please share if you know some tips that will save your times with gmail

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