7 Top Feature You Must Know from Google Search

Google do not offers a search engine with the same facility from year to year. Google is always adding new facilities in their search engine. The goal is clear to make users more comfortable using google and did not switch to another search engine. There are some facilities provided by Google in their search engine that users may forget or never use. Though the facility is to help you in finding what you’re looking for.

Here are some features of the Google search engine is worth a try.

1. Google Instant
New feature from Google that will save your time to search something. Just type your query and Google will predict your query, click a suggestion and the result will show on your computer. You don’t need to click Google Search button anymore

2. I’m Feeling Lucky
I’m Feeling Lucky button is one of the special features of Google since Google exist. By pressing the button you will be take to the first rank on search result according to your keyword. If you are sure about what do you will get then click the button for fast search.

3. Preview Search
You can preview search result before visiting the URL by clicking “Preview” image next to the title

Google Search Feature

4. Star the Result
Star the result by clicking “Star” image next to the title to save the url and show on the top when you search again using the keyword. It’s very useful if you find the url not on the first page, for example on page 15. By giving start next time the url will be on the top when you search again using the same keyword

5. Easy to Switch Search Options
You can switch from ordinary result to image result quickly by clicking Images on the left top menu or left sidebar. Another think you can only show result based on url that you’ve visited, not yet visited, or any option of searching

6. Preview before Download File
Google always tell you what file type if your search result is not in html. You can preview the file before download it and save on your computer. For PDF click “Quick View” below the title and it will open in Google Docs. For document format (doc, ppt,xls), you can click View as HTML and Google will convert the document into HTML

7. Not only for Ordinary Search
You can use Google Search to ask something and get the answer directly. For example type 5*5 and press Enter then you will get 5*5=25. Type 10.5 cm in inches and you will get 4.13385827 inches. Type Define communication and you will get definication of communication. Another example you can take a look at Google Search Features

I believe there will be another great feature from Google Search.

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