7 Reason Why You Should Use Opera Mini 5

Finally Opera has released Opera Mini 5 final version. The final version is almost like with the beta version with fix on some bugs. You can download Opera Mini 5 from your mobile phone (m.opera.com) directly. If your mobile phone is not listed (supported) it’s mean you can’t use Opera Mini 5.

But maybe you can still use Opera Mini 7 by downloading the file from computer. Choose any mobile phones type that supports Opera Mini 5 the download .jar file. Then send .jar file to your mobile phone and try to install.

Opera Mini 5

Congratulation if you can use it but don’t be sad if you can’t use it 😀

If your mobile phones can run Opera Mini 5 then you should use Opera Mini 5 then Opera Mini 4. Below 5 reasons why you should use Opera Mini 5:

Modern Interface but Easy to be understood
Opera Mini 5 has different interface with the previous version. It has modern interface but it’s still easy to be understood even you are new with Opera Mini. The interface is optimize for mobile phone with keypad or stylus

Copy Paste Function
The new feature of Opera Mini, copy paste. To do that is simple, just press keypad 1 and start to select text. Then press keypad 1 again and copy. To paste press keypad 1 and choose paste. It’s very useful if you want copy paste some text in some sites into you email or form but your mobile phone doesn’t support copy paste feature.

Speed Dial with Picture
Like on Opera 10 computer version, speed dial on Opera Mini 5 is equip with thumbnail too. It’s better then just see only title on speed dial like on previous version.

Yes! It’s Tabbed
Now, Opera Mini comes with tab. You can open more then 1 site using tab. Switch from one tab to the other tab is easy.

Password Remember
Opera Mini 5 will ask you to save your username and password when you login into a site. If you save, then it will be stored if you open the site again. You don’t need to enter you username and password again.

Download Manager
Like Opera 10 computer version, Opera Mini 5 also equip with download manager. It will make your download activity easier.

Opera Link to Synchronize
It’s feature that I like with Opera. Using Opera Link, you can synchronize your bookmarks, speed dial, and search engine between your Opera on computer with Opera Mini. It can be used to synchronize your new Opera Mini installation with previous installation. You don’t need to setup speed dial manually when you install new Opera Mini on your mobile phone.

Please share if you have any experience with Opera Mini

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