5 Reasons Why You Should Give Google+ Try

Google+ is a new Google’s toy in the fight against the dominance of Facebook in the social network. Google+ is the fourth Google’s social network toy. Previously Google had released Orkut, Google’s Wave and Buzz but unfortunately they got bad response from internet users. After released Google+ has good response from internet users even the new registration can be done through the invitation. Based on Paul Allen’s reports Google+ has millions users in a short time after released time.

If you have not joined Google+ yet then you can try Google+. Below 5 Reason why you should give Google+ Try

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1. Circles

You are not just making friends but also grouping them into family, friends and other contacts and share your status updates, comments, photos or other content with. It’s called Circles. With circles, you can share photo only with some people based on your circles. For example you can share about your vacation photo only to your families on Families Circles.

2. Post as Long as You Like

There is unlimited post count on Google+ update status. You can post only few words as your status or posting note or blogging. Yes you are right you can use Google+ for blogging and can limited view to some of your friends or all people who access you Google+ page.

3. Integrated with Google Product

If you are using Google Product (Search, Calendar, Gmail, Picasa, Google Reader, etc) and have joined Google+ then you will see status notification on Google Search top bar. It’s like Facebook notification which only show number or friends request, messages, and wall posts. But in Google you will get one group notification for all activities. You can also share what Google Product you open to Google+. Besides that on Google+ you can still chat with your friends on Google Talk.

4. Respond comment from Notification

One thing that I like with Google+ is you can reply or respond your post or comment from notification directly. For example if you post something and your friend comment on your post then you will get notification. Click the notification you will see popup (dropdown) like on facebook. If you want to respond the comment is simple, click on notification and it will show you your posting and friend’s comment on the notification without leaving the page that you open. It’s more fun the facebook.

5. Have Fun on Google+

Google+ is not only for sharing status, photos, or videos, and also make a friends but it also online place to make fun with your friends or just yourself. You can multiparty chat with some of your friends, playing games and hangouts with your friends on your circles. Hangout is nice feature of Google+ which allow you to do multiple video chat with your friend in circles. To start this feature you must install the Google Voice and Video Plugin

Enjoy Google+

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