5 Reason Why I still Use Internet Explorer 6

5 Reason Why I still Use Internet Explorer 6Some years ago, Internet Explorer 6 is the most used browser in this earth. It used by almost all people around the world. Beginner user only knew and only tried Internet Explorer 6 although there are some good alternative browsers like Opera and Netscape Navigator. People thought that IE6 is fast browser compare with the other browser. And the major factor, you didn’t need to install because it include on Windows installation.

But the situation is changed after Firefox launched to market. Slow down but sure, people knew Firefox and change their favorite browser to Firefox. Although Microsoft has been update Internet Explorer and give new and nice feature but it can gain market like IE 6 did. Some people has been enjoy using non Internet Explorer browser and they don’t want to go back to Internet Explorer.

I rarely use Internet Explorer too. I am enjoy using Firefox as my default browser and sometimes Opera, Safari or Chrome. But I am still using Internet Explorer (especially IE6) in some condition

5 Reason Why I still use Internet Explorer 6

Check compatibility of my works. Many people still use IE6 and I don’t want my site looks ugly when people access from IE6. So I sometimes check my works on IE to see if there is any error before I give to my customer.

Nostalgic with IE6. I used IE6 for a long time until I knew Mozilla Firefox. Sometimes (but not often) I use IE6 to access website and see how slow to open website using IE6

There is only IE6 browser on the computer. Some (old) computers only install IE6 as the browser. If the connection is very slow or I just have little time to access internet and I didn’t bring another browser software in my USB flash drive then I must used IE6

To download another browser. If the connection is fast then I use IE6 only for download another browser, for example Firefox. When I am done, then I closed the IE6 and use Firefox to open website.

I want to know if the site is opened in IE6. Sometimes I am eager how if I open this site in IE6. Will it give same result with modern browser or the interface become ugly?

These are my reasons why sometimes I still use IE6.

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