Mozilla has Released Firefox 3.6.15

It’s not take a long time, for Firefox user to get newest version of Firefox 3.6. It is only take a few day for Mozilla to release Firefox 3.6,15. Remember Mozilla has been released Firefox 3.6.14 and 3.5.17 few days ago. A new release shortly after a new version is usually indication of a security […]

How to Download Facebook Video in Firefox?

Facebook has become most popular social network besides twitter. Facebook allows you to share status, links, photos, and videos. Users can encounter two types of videos; Videos that are hosted on Facebook after they are uploaded by users, and videos that are embedded in messages and wall posts. Like Youtube, Facebook don’t not offer official […]

Firefox 3.6.14, 3.5.17 and Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.8 Updates Released

Firefox 3.6.14, 3.5.17 and Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.8 Updates Released Mozilla has released update for Firefox (Firefox 3.5.17, Firefox 3.6.14) and for Thunderbird (Thunderbird 3.1.8). This update contain bug fix that is found on previous version. Firefox 3.5.17 and Firefox 3.6.14 now become the last stable version of Firefox since Firefox has not release Firefox 4 […]

How to Save Youtube Video in Chrome

Youtube has become popular place to search video or music online. Chrome that is developed by Google has also become popular browser for internet user. Many users access Youtube from Chrome and they want to download the video like they did on Firefox or another browser. You can do this without adding plugin or extension […]