GMail and GTalk Notification on Chrome

If you’re using Gmail or GTalk, even Google Apps and Chrome as your browser then you don’t need to check your email again to make sure if you have new email. Google Chrome now equip with notification feature for Gmail or GTalk. A new popup notification will show on your Chrome to tell you if […]

Google Chrome 10 Beta with More Speed

Google has released Google Chrome 10 Beta version for all supported operating systems. This version brings several exciting additions to the Internet browser that users of the dev and canary builds enjoyed for some time. The important update is about the JavaScript engine has been updated to improve the performance of the browser

How to Open .DjVu Format

When you download ebook sometimes you found ebook with DjVu as the extensions and you don’t know how to open it. Before you get the program to open DjVu (pronounced “déjà vu”), you should know what djvu is. djvu is open source format distributing documents and images. PDF format usually use for document include ebook, […]

Paste and Go on Firefox 4

Opera and Google Chrome has implemented useful feature, Paste and Go. With this feature you can do paste url or keywords on address bar and automatic go to the address with single click. You don’t need to click paste then press Go button or Enter keypad on your keyword. Fortunately Firefox 4 has already support […]

Internet Explorer 9 RC Release

Microsoft has release Internet Explorer 9 RC in Microsoft website with some additional new feature and interface on the browser. The interface using modern browser interface like Chrome, Opera, and Firefox 4 do with their browser. Microsoft has overhauled the user interface slightly. Internet Explorer 9 RC also improved JavaScript engine and hardware acceleration speed. […]