11 Reason Why You Should Use Gmail

11 Reason Why You Should Use Gmail

Gmail is an innovation of web based email. I believe Gmail is the first free web based email which give mailbox capacity over 1 GB for each account. Compare with Yahoo! just gave 4 MB that gave or hotmail that only give 2 MB. Gmail says that you don’t need to delete your messages.

Gmail also offers improve anti spam email, search and filter function. Sometimes I still got spam on my Yahoo! Mail inbox but not in Gmail. All messages that was detected as spam will comes to spam label and remove from inbox. Gmail introduce label and archive to organize your messages instead folder.

One of many reason that I like with Gmail is Gmail always improve their service and give us new feature.

If you don’t have Gmail, you should give a try. Below 11 reasons why you should Gmail then another email for your personal email or at least try Gmail.

  1. You will get huge mailbox capacity that still counting. For now you will get more then 7 GB. It’s very enough to save thousand of messages even each messages has 1 MB attachment. I can’t promise you but future if the capacity still counting; Gmail capacity can reach 10 GB per user or maybe 1 TB
  2. It’s easy to organize your email. Each message you send is grouped with all the responses you receive, so you can always see your messages in context. You can to start you important message, give label as many as you can and archive if you don’t want your email show on the inbox.

    Use improve filter to make an action what do you want to do with incoming message. You can find email fast by using search facility. You don’t have to spend time sorting your email, just search for a message when you need it and we’ll find it for you.

  3. Your mailbox will not be bombed by spam. Gmail has got the best spam filter amongst all the email services. It get very less false positives and hardly any spam email gets through in your Inbox.
  4. You don’t need to worry about security system. Gmail uses always-on HTTPS encryption to keep your mail secure, so someone sharing your favorite coffee shop’s public wifi can’t maliciously read it. Gmail will scan all attachment that you get so you save to open the attachment.
  5. Gmail is integrating with another Google Apps. When you are working on Gmail you can also chat with your friend on contact list by using Google Talk, access and share Google Calendar, or open document attachment on Google Docs. It’s really nice integration because you don’t need separate site to do some action when you are working on Gmail.
  6. You can customize Gmail interface and do not see garbage ads.. You can change you Gmail interface with Gmail themes. There are more then 10 themes that you can choose. You can also enable Google Labs to add some feature to make your Gmail more fun and powerful.

    Gmail is not ads free but the ads is only consist text without image and never show pop-ups. The ads is also targeted ads which means Gmail only display text ads and related links you might find useful and interesting. It’s according to your messages content.

  7. You can work with Gmail quickly by using shortcut. Yes you can use shortcut to write, reply, compose, etc Enable keyboard shortcuts in Settings and start to work on gmail with your keyboard. You can find the reference guide with a full list of keyboard shortcuts on Gmail shortcut page.
  8. Did you ever delete important messages? Use Undo feature to take them back. I think it’s simple but great feature that Gmail ever have. Sometimes user do stupid thing like delete important message, when they release they don’t how to call back the message. Gmail help them with this great feature.
  9. You can access your email everywhere. You can use your favorite email client or access Gmail on your mobile phone. Even you can also access your Gmail account on another Gmail account
  10. Gmail always improve their service. You will be surprise about new feature information on the top menu. There is new feature that has been implemented on your Gmail. Google never stop to work on Gmail.
  11. Finally, you can get all feature and function by free!

If you are using Gmail, please share what you like with Gmail so it can make people are eager to try Gmail 🙂

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