11 Nice and Unique Features from Google Chrome Web Browser

Google Chrome Web Browser is a new player on web browser software compare with the other popular web browser. Like another popular web browser, Chrome is free and claim as the fastest browser on the earth. Like Google web interface, Chrome web browser come with simply interface. There is not many icon on the toolbar. You are only seeing what you should see. It also build with nice feature that maybe you will not find on another web browser that has released before Google release Chrome web browser.

If you want to try Google Chrome web browser, you can download the useful freeware from here or here for offline installer.

Below 11 nice and unique features that you will find on Google Chrome Web Browser:

1. Simplistic and Minimal design
Google comes with new interface perspective for web browser. It comes with simple and minimal design. You only see what you should see when you are using web browser. You will not find menu bar, toolbars and status bar. The interface is like full screen on Internet Explorer 6

Google Chrome web browser

2. Multi function Address Bar
Address Bar on Chrome web browser isn’t just for typing domain only but you can also use this to search something with your default search engine. Types your keyword on address bar then click enter.

Google Chrome web browser
Google Chrome web browser

You can also use address bar for simple calculations and unit conversions using Google Calculator. Just type the expression in Google Chrome’s address bar (or “omnibox”) and wait for the result. For example type 1 km in miles and you will get the answer. Try with your own simple calculation. It’s funny.

3. No Speed Dial but Most Visited and Closed Tab on New Tab
Chrome web browser 4 doesn’t offers speed dial function like on Opera. Chrome has change speed dial method with most visited sites when you open new tab. You can manage most visited site and let your favorite site keep on the most visited site. When you click new tab icon (Ctrl+T) you will also find closed tab information. This is very useful if you want to open close tab again with single click.

Google Chrome web browser

4. No Popup or Sidebar
You will not see bookmark manager, history manager or download manager in sidebar or popup but in new tab. Plug-in manager also show in new tab. It’s more pleasure because you will not disturb by popup.

5. Nice Seach Method
There are to easy way to start search using Chrome web browser. First by using address bar, type your keyword then clik enter. Second by block some words on website, you will see 4 icons. Click an icon to begin searching

Google Chrome web browser

6. Shortcut for Your Favorites Website
You can create shortcut for your favorite website as an application and put it on desktop, start menu, or quick launch bar. Just go to the page options button and select “Create Application shortcuts” and select appropriate place. Just press the shortcut if any time you want to access it. It will open in standalone Chrome web browser windows.

7. Automatic Loading Next Page
This is one of my favorite features on Chrome web browser. When you scroll down website that have more then one pages then Chrome will automatic open previous page page. You don’t need to click next page again. Chrome will automatically do this.

8. Start private Browsing with Incognito Window
Start browsing in private by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N. Now all your activities done inside this window is kept private and deleted as soon as you close it. You will not left cookies, history, or any chrome data. If really helpful if you aren’t using Chrome in your computer and you don’t want to left any data when you are using Chrome web browser.

Google Chrome web browser

9. Synchronize using Google Account
You can use your Google Account to synchronize bookmark, preference, and themes. To active the feature you must login into your Google Account first from tools menu > Setup Sync and let Google synchronize Chrome bookmark, preference, and themes. This method is very useful if you are running Chrome in different computer.

10. Control Browser Using Task Manager
You can manage tab and plugin from Task Manager. Open from Menu > Developer Menu > Task Manager or by pressing Shift+Esc

Google Chrome web browser

11. Inspect Element for Webmaster
It’s like inspect element on Safari 4. You can see website code group by each html code. Check matrix to see size of width, padding, or margin. See content of each file that includes with the website like css, js, or image. Learn about script that include with the website. You can also make report for your web performance from Audit tab

Open from Menu > Developer Menu > Developer Tools or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I

Google Chrome web browser

If you know another nice feature on Google Chrome web browser, please share with us

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